The Hardest Karaoke Song In The World: Exploring more of Iceland through their hilariously difficult language.

Inspired By Iceland needed a big launch for their Fall 2017 campaign, the a-ö of Iceland. The campaign aimed to push tourists to all seven regions of Iceland, using the notoriously difficult Icelandic language as a mechanism to communicate all that Iceland has to offer. Our answer was "The Hardest Karaoke Song In The World", an infectious pop song in both English and Icelandic filmed in some of the most breathtaking parts of the country.

The music video was accompanied by a reaction film featuring tourists attempting to keep up. 

By late November, the music video was viewed over 8 million times, resulting in 437 articles, 1800 social mentions and earning 824 million impressions. Due to popular demand, we put the song on Apple Music and Spotify, where people streamed it an additional ~300,000 times...on purpose. Most importantly, the video got people interested in exploring all that Iceland has to offer.

“Iceland, the country known to many as home of ‘that volcano whose name I can’t pronounce’, is pretty good at playing to its quirks.” - The Guardian

“Has Iceland created the hardest karaoke song in the world?” - Lonely Planet

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Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, George Bryant. Associate Creative Director: Baldur Baldursson. Creatives: Helen Parry, Thirza Prentice, Edda Kentish, Haldor Andrésson, Egill Þórðarson. Director: Allan Sigurðsson. Performer: Steindi Jr. Music: StopWaitGo.