New Plane Smell: Celebrating the arrival of Icelandair’s new fleet.

Icleandair wanted to celebrate their upgraded fleet of new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the first planes to showcase the new Icelandair livery. Since Boeing was picking up the tab as part of the deal to purchase the planes, we had a little more fun than usual.

Nothing says a new plane like that "new plane smell", so we sent members of the press and Icelandair employees an air freshener that would showcase the new planes flying over their dashboard.

And for those lucky enough to fly the new planes, we custom brewed a 737 TRANSATLANTIC IPA. The beer was made with hops from the Pacific Northwest hops and European Grains in honor of the Icelandair routes it would fly, and was fermented exactly to 7.37% ABV. Brewing a custom, concept-first beer for a client is a career highlight.

The reception to the beer was so successful that Icelandair followed it up with a pale ale dedicated to the Icelandic winter, Snæbjört.

Creative Director: Daniel Bremmer. Creatives: Snorri Eldjárn, Íris Martensdóttir, Alfreð Pétursson.