The Economist Film Project: Uncovering the stories behind the story.

The Economist Film Project was a collaboration between The Economist and PBS News Hour to showcase independent documentary films from around the world. It was our task to create an interactive experience that demonstrated The Economist's unique perspective on a connected world. The grid view page allowed users to dynamically rearrange a grid of images based on simple criteria (most recent, most popular, most shared, trending now) or via a keyword search. When a user moused over an image, a short description of the film appeared.

When a user selected a film, they were taken to a contextual film viewer. When the film touches on a particular topic covered in a story in The Economist, a key image from the related story was highlighted, signaling to the user that the content was unlocked. When the user moused over the image, they saw a brief description of the story and an invitation to read it on the main site. The story on The Economist online appeared in a new window and paused the film below. When the user closed the story window, they could then resume watching the film.

Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, Alex Shulhafer, Kara Goodrich, James ClunieDavid Lubars