Grandi Mathöll: A Modular design system for Reykjavik’s newest food hall.


Grandi Mathöll is a new food hall in the Grandi harbor area of Reykjavik. They approached us for a logo that would feel new and exciting, while honoring the nautical heritage of the historic Reykjavik harbor region in which it resides.

Our answer was a flexible identity system was inspired by the transient nature of both the harbor and the food hall concept itself. The stacked squares are inspired by the ever-flowing stacks of bright yellow fishing containers, and are used in three different configurations throughout the customer journey. The rest of the color pallette is also inspired by the harbor, the green type is inspired by the color of the fishing nets, the dark blue is an homage to the fishing vessels and the orange is culled from the fishing industry incubator, Sjávar Klassin (Ocean Cluster House) that the food hall is in. The stylized nautical flags aren't just decoration, they spell out 1-0-1, the zip code for downtown Reykjavik.


We carried the flexible stacking system concept into the launch of the brand on Instagram.

Creative Director: Daniel Bremmer. Associate Creative Director: Dóri Andresson. Designer: Einar Guðmundsson.