Target Treatster: The first social network exclusively for trick-or-treaters.

In the first-ever creative assignment for 360i, Target wanted to show Halloween fanatics that they were the ultimate destination for all things halloween. Rather than tout their comprehensive offerings, we gave their favorite holiday a 21st-century upgrade with the world's first social network dedicated exclusively to Trick-Or-Treaters. 

Treatster was a mobile web experience that helped Trick-Or-Treaters find the sweetest houses in their neighborhood. Bigger pumpkins meant spookier decorations, cooler costumes, and of course the best candy. Users could nominate a house by dropping a pin on the map, and vote for their favorites by giving a green monster thumbs up. And since we developed the experience as a mobile site, anyone could participate without having to download an app.

We also built a handfull of 3D-printed Treatster pumpkins and gave them to influencers. Inside what appeared to be an everyday trick-or-treating pumpkin was a sophisticated internet-of-things connected hardware interface with GPS, internet connectivity, a fully-programmable LED light ring and a speaker. The onboard Arduino-powered computer tracked the users location, and when the trick-or-treater encountered a house they liked, they pressed a red button on the back and the pumpkin would light up with a spooky sound as it connected to the Treatster site and dropped a pin or upvoted the house on the map. 

We announced Treatster with a launch video supported by Instagram, Facebook & Twitter video and influencer seeding.

“I wish I had this when I was a kid.” – Forbes

“Target is going all out this October.” – TIME

“An innovative way for parents to scout the best trick-or-treat spots.” – Creativity

“Yelp!, but for halloween houses!” – Business Journal

“It lets you know all the coolest houses in your neighborhood to trick or treat at. It’s the coolest!” – Rachel Hollis, The Chic Site

Press: Forbes, Ad Age, Business Journal, Creativity, Fortune, Time/Money, Rachel Hollis/The Chic Site, Oh Joy!

Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, Alex Shulhafer, Megan Skelly, Pierre Lipton, Travis Robertson, Jon Baugh. Art Director: Kaleigh McBride. Copywriter: Marissa Cuconato. Creative Technologists: Layne Harris, Fitz Maro. Physical hardware and software design: Tomorrow Lab