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I’m a Creative Director currently living and working in Southern California. Previously, I’ve lived in New York, London, Seattle, and most recently Reykjavik. Between freelance and full-time roles I’ve been fortunate to work with brilliant people at some of the best agencies and global brands. (For a full list, see LinkedIn.)

I believe that ideas can live anywhere, and I’m always looking for new ways to bring an idea to life. I’ve written a tagline that became a mission for No Kid Hungry. I created a newspaper from the future for Intel. I led a team that wrote a karaoke song that's impossible to sing for Inspired By Iceland. We built a messenger bot for National Geographic that lets Einstein tell jokes and send GIFs. We deployed a social network dedicated to trick-or-treating, complete with an internet-connected smart Jack-O-Lantern for Target. We even brewed a beer who’s ingredients tell the story of an airline for Icelandair. However, I’m most proud of teaming with street artist to register 1.5 million first-time voters that elected Barack Obama.

I work from the perspective of the customer, not the agency or the client. I believe that our ideas should be informed by data, should take full advantage of the platforms in which they are delivered and should touch the people they reach. I enjoy building people as much as campaigns.

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