The Wonder Vault: Creating an origin story worthy of Oreo’s flavors.

Oreo wanted an origin story for their limited-edition Oreo flavors. Something more interesting than a flavor lab in New Jersey, preferably in iambic pentameter. Our answer was the Wonder Vault, a magical place where new Oreo flavors are dreamed up and kept until they're ready to be released to the world. The launch film announced two Oreo flavors: Cinnamon Bun and Red Velvet. Props if you can spot the Super Mario 64 influence.

When Oreo launched their Stuffed Cupcake flavor, a portal appeared in New York City. The same day, we launched a 360º video that allowed users to look around the Filled Cupcake world inside the Wonder Vault. (Best viewed on mobile.)

Press: AdWeek, Glamour, Elite Daily, Design You Trust, The Drum, Trendhunter, Metro

Copywriter: Marissa Cuconato. Art Director: Kaleigh McBride. Associate Creative Directors (and original concept): Alex Augustinos, Declan Byrnes-Enoch. Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, Alex Shulhafer, Stuart Harricks, Jeff Anderson, Pierre Lipton. Animation: Gentleman Scholar