Safety Matters: The first in-flight safety film that’s also about safety on the ground.

After the economic crisis of 2009, tourism became the engine of Iceland’s economic recovery. However, as a nation of 350,000 people, emergency services struggle to protect the 2.5 million tourists exploring the raw, untouched nature of Europe’s most sparsely populated country. What looks like a magical paradise in your Instagram feed can actually be a very dangerous place with extreme temperatures, dangerous driving conditions and trails that can be challenging even for advanced hikers. To better prepare our guests, we created an in-flight safety film about safety both in the air and on the ground.

Additional films focused on winter travel and driving are offered on the In-flight entertainment system, along with a planned film about hiking.

Creative Director: Daniel Bremmer. Creatives: Snorri Eldjarn, Sigríður Ásta Árnadóttir. Directors: Thorbjorn IngasonSamúel & Gunnar. Music: Úlfur Eldjárn.