The Journey Of An Idea: Mapping the impact of TED prize winners.

The Journey of an Idea installation at TED 2012 in Long Beach was a collaboration between AT&T and TED to celebrate the work that TED Prize winners have done since they stood on the TED stage. The piece featured the wishes of previous TED Prize winners Jehane Noujaim, Karen Armstrong, Neil Turok, Sylvia Earle, Jamie Oliver and JR.

We showed the spread of each idea with a LED light tree designed after AT&T's "Network Of Intelligence." The piece gently arced over the viewer, inviting them into the space. What began with a wish on the TED stage spread into quantifiable impact through the use of photos, infographics and statistics in die-cut vinyl illuminated by the light structure. TED attendees were invited to connect with the TED prize winner to help spread their ideas, which generated an additional $800k in donations throughout the conference.

Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer, Alex Shulhafer and Ron Lent. Art Direction: Rob Seale. Creative Technologist: Sermad Buni. Fabrication: Sub Rosa.

Site photos by Sermad Buni and Sub Rosa.