Selected Projects: Travel & Tourism.

I love introducing people to new places, people and experiences in exciting new ways. I’ve worked on six airlines, three government tourism brands and one rental car company.

I relaunched Delta Airlines out of bankruptcy, helped launch the short-lived all-business class Eos Airlines and introduced the world to the tiny African archipelago Cabo Verde by relaunching their national airline. I helped Icelandair welcome it’s new fleet with a custom beer and turned convention on it’s head by transforming their long-standing tradition of making tear-jerking TV commercials for Christmas and the World Cup into digital initiatives.

I helped Inspired By Iceland spread visitors throughout the country by introducing them to more than the golden circle and the Blue Lagoon, and invited the world to join #TeamIceland on their unlikely journey to the World Cup. I’ve helped New Orleans grow it’s mid-week tourism industry by attracting the more respectful and culturally curious. And I’ve helped drive weekend rentals for Enterprise by telling meaningful stories about why we travel.

Inspired By Iceland: The Hardest Karaoke Song In The World

We launched Inspired By Iceland’s Fall 2017 campaign, the a-ö of Iceland, with a Karaoke music video that showcased all that Iceland has to offer while making fun of their notoriously difficult language. We supported the film with a companion video of tourists attempting to sing the hardest karaoke song in the world.

The campaign was the most popular in Inspired By Iceland’s history. Full campaign here.

Safety Matters: The first in-flight safety film that’s also about safety on the ground.

Iceland is not Disneyland. What looks like a magical paradise in your Instagram feed can actually be a very dangerous place with extreme temperatures, dangerous driving conditions and trails that can be challenging even for advanced hikers. To better prepare Icelandair guests, we created an in-flight safety film about safety both in the air and on the ground.

Full campaign here.

Air Iceland Connect: Reminding Icelanders that they already know how to save on travel.

Air Iceland Connect is a regional airline connecting Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Maintaining a fleet in the middle of the snowy North Atlantic is expensive, and the common frustration among Icelanders is that a 45-minute flight to Akureyri can be more expensive than a flight to London, New York or Paris.

Our answer was a campaign that appealed to Iceland’s stubborn pride, using traditional Icelandic adages about saving for winter (Hey Í Harðindum), going farther by traveling light (Ekki Vera Burðarklár), and the equivalent of “strike while the iron is hot” (Gott Til Glóðarinnar) to encourage Icelanders to pre-purchase ticket packs, forego a checked bag and to take advantage of last-minute far sales.

Creatives: Ólöf Arnalds, Aron Bergmann Magnússon, Bertrand Kirschenhofer, Edda Kentish.

NOLA Happy Tuesday: New Orleans celebrates Twitter’s least favorite day.

The internet thinks Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. But New Orleans, home of Fat Tuesday, respectfully disagrees. To drive more mid-week tourism, we created #HappyTuesday to show how NOLA on a Tuesday is unlike any other place in the world.

We launched with a Buzzfeed sponsored article, supported by a website offering mid-week offers from partner hotels, restaurants and attractions. During the activation, we responded to people having a bad day on Twitter with cheerful NOLA content, including videos from iconic New Orleans characters.

Creatives: Grace Harris, Mapi BG, Jenna Zink, Matt Calabrese, Benji Shaw. Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer and Megan Skelly.


Big Chief David Montana offered some fashionable support to Mona Aiyed.


Jazz legend Kermit Ruffins fixes Mallorie Rosenbluth’s breakfast.


The late Dr. John wrote something beautiful for Molly C Quinn.

More Happy Tuesday wishes from Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary, Chef Aarón Sánchez, Soul Queen of New Orleans Irma Thomas and Mad Men actor Bryan Batt. In addition to produced responses, a live response team would send still images accompanied by encouraging messages on each Tuesday of the campaign.

#DRAUMURINN: Bringing Iceland’s World Cup dream to life.

When Iceland defied the odds to become the smallest nation ever to qualify for the world cup, it was the fulfillment of a national dream. As one of Iceland's largest and most respected brands and a founding sponsor of the Icelandic National Team, all eyes were on Icelandair and what they would do for the World Cup. Instead of just doing another big, self-aggrandizing commercial, we had some fun with the shared National dream that all Icelanders were experiencing. We launched the biggest campaign of the year, complete with the biggest commercial of the year, without telling Icelanders what it was for, or even when it started.

The campaign began by sending #DRAUMURINN (“The Dream” in Icelandic) sleep masks to every household in the nation. We followed with surreal teasers during Iceland’s Eurovision debut that built through a flurry of executions to a spot about a young Icelandic player scoring the winning goal against Brazil and becoming the world’s biggest sports celebrity.

See the full campaign here.

Pursuits With Enterprise: Telling purposeful travel stories.

Enterprise usually rents cars during the week to business travelers. Pursuits with Enterprise is a digital travel magazine designed to inspire more purposeful travel experiences...some of which require renting a car. We'd launch each story with a film, but would include additional content about the people, places and causes in the films.

Full campaign here.

New Plane Smell: Celebrating the arrival of Icelandair’s new fleet.

Icleandair wanted to celebrate their upgraded fleet of new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, the first planes to showcase the new Icelandair livery. Nothing says a new plane like that "new plane smell", so we sent members of the press and Icelandair employees an air freshener that would showcase the new planes flying over their dashboard.

And for those lucky enough to fly the new planes, we custom brewed a 737 TRANSATLANTIC IPA. The beer was made with hops from the Pacific Northwest hops and European Grains in honor of the Icelandair routes it would fly, and was fermented exactly to 7.37% ABV. Brewing a custom, concept-first beer for a client is a career highlight.

The beer was so successful, they See the work here.

Team Iceland: Inviting the world to join Iceland’s World Cup team.

When you're the smallest nation to ever compete on the world's biggest stage, how do you support your team on their first ever trip to the World Cup? You stick to your roots as a humble, friendly nation and invite the rest of the world to join your team.

For the 100 days leading up to Iceland’s history-making World Cup match, we invited fans from around the world to join the most unlikely World Cup team. The campaign launched with a personal introduction from the President and First Lady of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and Eliza Reid. We ran targeted videos in countries who’s teams had lost and even pranked our first opposing team, Argentina, to cheer for Team Iceland.

Full campaign here.

Jól Að Heiman: Sending Jól to Icelanders abroad.

Icelanders love their Christmas traditions, including the annual Icelandair Christmas commercial about bringing someone home for the holidays or surprising a loved one abroad with friends and family.

For 2017, we did it for real. Jól Að Heiman (Christmas From Home) was a platform that helped Icelanders sent thousands of Christmas cards to their loved ones abroad through a Facebook-powered application. We picked 13 of the most interesting cards and surprised the recipients with Icelandair care packages filled with Traditional Icelandic food and music as well as personal items from the sender and surprised a few families by having their loved ones hand-deliver the care packages. (We picked the number thirteen to match the thirteen mischievous Icelandic “Yule Lads” that come every night in the countdown to Christmas).

Creative Director: Daniel Bremmer. Creatives: Snorri Eldjarn, Aron Bergman Magnússon, Egill Þórðarson. Digital Strategist: Magnús Magnusson. Director: Allan Sigurðsson.

Only In New Orleans: Taunting New Yorkers to expand their bubble.

New Yorkers love to feel like they know, and have done, everything. For this Union Square takeover for the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, we provoked New Yorkers with things they could only experience by traveling in New Orleans, from creole, sazeracs and jazz in the city they were born in to the 2016 James Beard Foundation Best New Restaurant in America, Shaya. 

Creatives: Amy Werblin & Melissa Stammer with help from Matt CalabreseBenji Shaw & Anna Wehr. Designer: Ryan Kalus. Creative Directors: Daniel Bremmer & Pierre Lipton.